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Enjoy Summer & Iced Tea

Posted By Nancy Hodges

Summer. A time when most of us wish that life could just slow down a bit.  You survived the cold winter, and now is the time to get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine!  Summer is a time for picnics, and spending time with friends and family.  A time to sit on the porch swing and sip the cool, refreshing taste of your favorite iced tea.  June is National Iced Tea Month, so raise a glass of your favorite iced to celebrate!

Saftea® Liner fits most restaurant grade commercial iced tea urns to provide the best tasting, hygienically safe, and fresh iced tea.  Ask your server if they are using Saftea® Liner.  

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Country Clubs, Theaters, Amusement Parks take advantage of our limited time offer to try Saftea® Liner free for 7 days!  Request your free sample below:

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