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Posted By Brett Kneitel

Congratulations!  You have made the decision to use Saftea® Liner for your dispensing and serving of iced tea to your valuable patrons. This simple liner protects your customers from harmful bacteria by making the cleaning of your tea urns a simple 60 second process with no cleaning chemicals involved!  But what if you find that your spigot is leaking?  What went wrong?  Typically, this is a very easy adjustment!


Often times, to feed the integrated white tube through the spigot, you must loosen the bolt that handles how low or high the pinch part of the spigot is lying. If the knob isn’t low enough, it doesn’t properly pinch off the tube, and tea will leak. All you need to do is tighten that bolt, and the tea will no longer drip out of the spigot. Note, you may need to loosen that nut again to put your next liner into the urn.

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