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Prevent Food Borne Illnesses with Saftea® Liner

Posted By Brett Kneitel

How do you Prevent Food Borne Illness in your Iced Tea?


Studies show that mold and bacteria grow on the walls of iced tea urns in as little as 3 hours after brewing. 

That means your customers could be ingesting organisms that could hurt them, and in turn, cost your business money. Would you be willing to spend less than 2 dollars per day in order to prevent that from happening?

Just days after the CDC warned consumers not to purchase or eat any romaine lettuce from Yuma, Arizona, due to an e-coli outbreak, Johns Hopkins University released a study that shows just ONE food borne illness outbreak can cost you and your establishment anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well over 1 million, depending upon the severity of the outbreak. Read the full article here: 


Thanks to the Saftea® Liner, you can rest easy knowing that your iced tea program is serving clean and safe iced tea. The liner separates the tea from ever touching any part of the inside of the urn, or the spigot. Using the liner prevents any kind of mold or bacteria that has grown on the walls of the urns from mixing in with your tea. Even with proper cleaning, you cannot guarantee that the urns are clean, and that all the cleaning chemicals have been washed away.

Food borne illnesses are a reality of the food service industry. No matter what we, as members of this industry do, food borne illnesses will continue to be an issue. But, we can take measures to try to prevent these from ever happening, and the Saftea® Tea Urn Liner is the only way to do that for your iced tea program.

If you haven't tried Saftea® Liner yet, you can test it out at no cost for one week!  That's right, we will send you a 7-day supply of Saftea® Liners for you to test to see all of the health, labor and convenience that the liners offer.  

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