food grade Box Liners for seafood packaging

Box Liners for Frozen Seafood

Food Grade Packaging for Seafood

As summer draws to a close and the warmer months fade, fresh or local seafood is another commodity that we begin to see dwindle depending on where you are geographically situated. Plascon is located in Northern Michigan where the cold is no stranger as fall and winter approaches.

Many restaurants and home chefs in our area know the importance of fresh seafood as well as the best quality frozen seafood when necessary. Frozen seafood holds properties that may surprise you as well!

food grade box liners for seafood

  • The freezing of meat, seafood, and poultry is a natural process which omits the use of preservatives.
  • Freezing fish allows for premium quality and accessibility all year round offering improved health benefits to some that may not have access to fresh fish.
  • When fish is frozen, all microbiological activity is stopped to include the development of pathogens which can cause food poising and spoilage. Many frozen fish processors ensure the fish undergoes a high level of microbiological checks/tests prior to resale.

Plascon agrees that flavor and freshness should not be compromised when it comes to healthy diet staples. Which is why Plascon has created a broad array of box liners that are suitable in any fresh to frozen fish operation. Our box liners are FDA compliant and recyclable, and we even offer a biodegradable alternative as well!

Utilizing a box liner can help to ensure that your products are safe from cross contamination, food spoilage, and mishaps in shipping and handling. Our liners also give the ability to keep bins and boxes clean from food byproduct.

We would be happy to discuss our box liners and biodegradable options further. Please reach out today to learn more about free samples and our various stock sizes so we can find the perfect liner for your application.

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