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Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with Saftea® Liner!

iced tea glassJune is National Iced Tea Month

Summer is quickly approaching, and temperatures are already heating up! June is National Iced Tea Month, and a time when everyone can chime in with their favorite flavored iced tea.  At Plascon, we strive to provide convenience stores, restaurants, caterers, and food servers who serve bulk quantities of iced tea via large tea urn dispensers with a product that maximizes freshness, while providing superior hygienic protection from bacteria that tea often leaves behind - Saftea® Liner.


This June, take a sip of your favorite iced tea beverage from your favorite watering hole, and be sure to ask your provider if they are currently using Saftea® Liner.   For a limited time we are offering Saftea® Liner as a free 7-day sample kit to see all of the benefits first hand.  


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