Communication Creates a Better Workplace

Positive Growth in Communication leads to a Happier Healthier Future for all Staff

Communications in the Workplace

March is a month of transition for people living in Northern Michigan. We’ve had a few serious storms in the past winter months, and the general consensus in the mitten state is, we’d like March to go out like a lamb.

We’ve trudged through snow, traversed through blizzards, and waded through slush and ice covered driveways and parking lots long enough. We’re all tired of wearing snow boots and triple layered parkas.

Thankfully, March holds the promise that winter is on its way out. Even if the grip of another polar vortex takes hold, or a snow cyclone bombs us with another furious foot or two of snow, we know there are sunny days coming our way.

It’s this forward thinking that keeps us on the right path toward achieving goals we set at New Year’s. Have you made advances toward the goals you set?  Did you set goals? If you’re anything like me, goal setting ends up being a bit wishy-washy. Sure, I’d like to work out more, eat healthier, practice piano and write that novel, but, the day to day difficulties of life tend to crowd out achieving my best life. It takes a willful mindset to remain positive and forward thinking when it comes to change and achievement. Actually, it takes a lot of discipline. Every day must be looked at as a new beginning, a new chance to advance toward a better, healthier, happier life. There may be storms in the moment, but sunny days truly are ahead. We must choose to think forward and put in the hard work today that will bring beneficial change to our lives down the road.

As administrative assistant, some people at Plascon call me “the gatekeeper.” I sit at the front desk and welcome incoming staff and visitors as they make their way toward offices or production areas within our facility. I’m the point person for many staff whether they need office supplies, or are looking for so-and-so’s office to ask a question about benefits. I’m often found making my way around the building with a friendly hello and a listening ear for those who need to relay information. Much of my job is communication. Communication is key to happy staff and happy staff are key to a healthy business.

Have you set a goal to communicate with your staff on a regular basis? If you have good intentions of doing so, now is the time. A lack of communication can make it feel, in a sense, that winter will never end, and there’s no hope for spring renewal. If your staff feels left out of the loop about what’s happening in your business, the overall vibe can become tense and frustrating for both management and service workers. Who wants to get up every day, trudge their way to work, put in hours and hours of time for a company that doesn’t project a sunny future?

As I’ve written before, your staff is the heart of your business. People are your most important resource. Be sure to provide appropriate ongoing training, and communicate through gatherings and non-work activities to build up your team. Let them know about innovative ideas and products your business is working on. Ask them if there are ways you can improve as a business. Your service level workers are the ones in the know. They’re working face to face with customers, vendors and products.

When team members feel they have an important role in the success of a business, as communicated to them by management, positive employee motivation results with less employee turn over, better customer service, and more productive work. 

As with our personal lives, knowing hard work and effort will bring about changes to better ourselves, so to with a business will thinking forward and putting in the effort toward positive growth in communication lead to a happier healthier future for all staff. Don’t get bogged down by the difficulties of running and maintaining a productive business. If you communicate with your staff on a regular basis they’ll be motivated to stick around to weather the storms that may come.


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