Earth Day 2018 April 22nd


biodegradable_smallIn 2018, we are globally aware of our planet's growing environmental demands and often look at the action plan of manufacturers and their eco-friendly efforts to help support our planet’s needs. To meet the needs of our customers and as part of our own internal efforts to minimize our environmental impact, Plascon offers earth-friendly alternatives to traditional blown plastics with our line of Biodegradable films and bags.  We control the process from start to finish from our Traverse City Michigan Blown Films Plant, and we are proud to say our products are #MadeInTheUSA!

Plascon has been successfully manufacturing Biodegradable bags for many of our customers. To make our biodegradable plastic bags and films an additive is combined with the plastic resin, rendering the end products as biodegradable while maintaining their other desired characteristics. The resulting plastic products exhibit the same desired mechanical properties, have effectively similar shelf-lives, and yet, when disposed of, are able to be metabolized into biomass by the communities of microorganisms commonly found almost everywhere on this planet.

biodegradable box liners

At Plascon, we take great pride in our products and our ability to evolve with the changing needs of our customers. To that end, recycling is also a huge part of our processing procedure.  In fact, we recycle 100% of the off-product we make during the manufacturing process.  Recycling is dependent on both consumers, material suppliers, and plastic processors alike.  We can all make this great planet called Earth a better place by adopting recycling as a cultural value.

Happy #EarthDay2018 !

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