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How restaurants and caterers meet the demand for large gatherings

Oh, the weather outside is about to be frightful. At least it will be here in Northern Michigan and across most of the Northern Hemisphere. The days have already become much colder and darker. Gone are the days of sunshine and sandals (at least for the next six months or so). But just because Jack Frost is nipping at noses doesn’t mean we have to give into the cold.

The winter months aren’t just cold and dark though. They are also packed full of holidays and gatherings. No matter what occasion is being celebrated, chances are there’s food involved. Lots of food, and lots of food can take a long time to make which is why cooking in bulk is a great solution. If you’re already going to spend a few hours making a meal, you might as well make multiple meals. This can be a great solution for the holidays when staff is taking extra time off. If the major proponents of the meal can be made ahead of time, it will save time and labor when the busy holiday rush happens.

Pretty much everything can be prepared ahead of time and frozen to use at a later time, and Plascon has everything you would need with our Cook Chill process, right down to the labels. Cook Chill is an easy process of storing premade food in bags that are safe for both freezing and boiling. They’re also great for transport and make catering events a breeze.


There are lots of yummy ways to keep you and your customers warm and Plascon has a convenient way to help with all your holiday menus. From box liners for your breads, produce and pastries to Cook Chill and Sous Vide bags for your meats, sauces, and side dishes, Plascon has the bag solutions for your food needs.

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