look for the white tube

How Clean is Your Iced Tea?

 Here at Saftea® Central we are focused on food and beverage safety all day, every day.

As consumers we place a great deal of trust in the establishments we frequent, and the foodservice professionals they have on staff. We must trust that they always have our safety in mind, but taking some responsibility for your own food safety is always a good idea.

We are hearing an increase in the number of consumers asking foodservice professionals for Saftea® Liners by name where they buy their fresh brewed iced tea. As spring and summer temperatures across the country begin to rise, hazardous mold & bacteria can grow inside iced tea urns and spigots. 

The Trouble with Tea

Inconsistent cleaning practices, poor training, or hasty cleaning can result in dangerous contamination levels in iced tea urns and spigots.

Below are examples of an improperly cleaned iced tea urn and spigot.  Unfortunately, we have seen too many of these urns and spigots in use (we’re not naming names!).  The owners and operators were totally unaware of the contamination that existed in their beverage dispensers, but were happy to quickly resolve the issue by implementing Saftea® Liners!

spigot with bacterial buildup insideiced tea urn showing buildup on the walls of the urn

Look for the Liner

Saftea® Liners are the best way to improve the safety, quality and flavor of your iced tea. If you serve fresh brewed iced tea, you’ll save time, money and eliminate caustic cleaning chemicals.  If you order fresh brewed iced tea from your favorite establishment, ask them if they are using a Saftea® Urn Liner or look for a small white tube in the faucet. Look for the white tube to know if your favorite restaurant, cafe, or convenience store is using Saftea® Liner!  When you see the tube protruding from the spigot, you will know your iced tea is protected from mold and bacteria, and will taste great all day!

Look for the white tube!

look for the white tube

Restaurant Managers interested in trying  Saftea® Liner?  Request your free 7-day trial, and see for yourself the many benefits of using a liner in your tea urns.

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