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Mini Chill Solution for Smaller Cook Chill Applications

Posted By Alan Hansen

What is a Mini Chill?mini chill 

A Mini Chill unit is a portable receptacle that holds ice & water for cooling Cook Chill  bags filled with soups, sauces, stews, pastas & other products.  


mini chill top view bags
Why use a Mini chill? 
  • It is an inexpensive alternative to using a blast chiller. 
  • More effective cooling than an ice bath in a sink, due to a pump recirculating the water.
  • It takes up minimal floor space (4 square feet).
  • Portability: It is mounted on a dolly, so it can be easily put away when not in chill top view empty
  • Available in two sizes, 32 Gallon & 44 Gallon.
  • A great addition to a Cook Chill Starter Set.

Plascon offers a full line of Cook Chill products and accessories. 
For more information on Cook Chill, Mini Chill, or any of our Food Solution products, contact us today.

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