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shopify urns_liners_spigots_250x250Saftea® Liner 30-Count Supply Packs Now Available Online

Perfect Size for Lower Volume Iced Tea Sales

There's no denying the benefits of using Saftea® Liner as part of your iced tea dispensing program.  Not only does it greatly reduce the risk of bacteria and accidental contamination, it actually allows all of the rich, robust natural flavor of your teas to be enjoyed by customers without the unpleasant after taste that can occur when a tea urn is not properly rinsed of cleaning chemicals.  

For some mom & pop sized restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, and other public food service areas, the original larger case counts were more than needed.  We heard you, and answered that concern with this handy 30-day supply pack. To make it even more attractive, now you can order Saftea® Liner whenever your schedule works best, simply by visiting our web store.  Need a replacement or additional pinch-tube spigot?  We have that option available as well!  

Our customers are thrilled with the protection that Saftea® Liner offers against food borne pathogens as the tea never comes in direct contact with the tea urns, thereby greatly reducing bacterial buildup that commonly occurs with teas.  That's right, you can say goodbye to the tedious disassembling, reassembling, and scrubbing of your tea urns!  And with each liner taking less than a minute to replace, there is virtually no down time. 

Read what Midland Country Club has to say about  Saftea® Liner.

Saftea® Liner  -  Quality & Freshness in Every Sip!

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