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Restaurants Labor Shortages

The simple pleasure of eating at your favorite restaurant

A few months ago, I wrote about how our local restaurants need our help to stay open and stay alive. That still rings true, but now restaurants are facing a different dilemma. A massive labor shortage.

You have probably noticed that when you went to your favorite local restaurant, things are taking longer. From your order, to getting seated, to even the hours of operation have all been cut. The other day I went to go grab lunch at a local drive thru near our office and couldn’t buy anything as they didn’t even open until noon due to their labor shortages. Without those workers, things are just taking longer.

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I’m here to say, have patience. The restaurants don’t want to be short staffed and those who did come into work that day are doing the very best that they can. In these crazy times, we all need to learn to be more patient with each other. Just put yourself into their shoes and treat them the way you would like to be treated. Restaurants shouldn’t need to post signs asking customers to please treat their employees with respect and kindness, and yet I have seen these signs in multiple locations recently.   

That said, restaurants still need you to frequent their establishments. If you live in an area where a mask mandate is in place, know that the staff did not ask to be put in a position to police compliance in their patrons. Restaurant staff are working longer hours with fewer team members, and now with added responsibility to maintain exceedingly high sanitary conditions for their guests. The employees are simply trying to provide a good customer experience, and not looking to be insulted or threatened for trying to abide by current government mandates. With that in mind, smile with your eyes, and appreciate the efforts taken to allow us all the simple pleasure of eating at a restaurant again.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, there is always pick up or delivery option available to you. Restaurants may be short staffed, or may need to enforce a mask mandate, however they still need your business. So, mask up America and do what you can to help keep these restaurants going.

At Plascon, we manufacture Saftea® Liner tea urn liners for restaurant grade iced tea urns. Saftea® Liners provide an excellent layer of protection by preventing harmful bacteria from entering the urn.  For restaurants it is a huge labor time saver, since the tea never comes in direct contact with the urn, thereby eliminating the tedious task of disassembling the urn, scrubbing the urn, and then reassembling. For the customer, the liners provide increased sanitation and actually a fresher tasting tea from from any residual cleaning chemical aftertaste.  Food safety is of the utmost importance right now and the Saftea® Liner is an inexpensive way to accomplish a cleaner, better tasting iced tea. 

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