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Saftea® Liner Featured on Make Food Safe Blog

MakeFoodSafe is blogging about Saftea® Liner!

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The Lange Law Firm are the bloggers behind the MakeFoodSafe website.  Their mission is simple:  to provide the public with information, awareness, and education regarding food safety and the dangers of food borne pathogens. The food industry has an established set of important safety rules set forth by our government to help ensure that the food we consume is safely sourced, manufactured, and sold. With this goal in mind, the Lange Law Firm was very interested in learning more about Saftea® Liner iced tea urn liners, and how the the extra barrier protection of the liners help achieve these standards by preventing harmful bacteria from forming inside commercial restaurant grade tea urns. 

We met the Lange team at the recent Food Safety Summit in Chicago this past May, and following the show we sent liner samples to the firm for independent testing.  Having never heard of Saftea® Liner, the team at Lange Law was very impressed with the results, and the inherit safety provided by the liners. Food safety is something we all should be aware of and concerned about.  Be sure to bookmark the MakeFoodSafe blog to keep up on current information and notices on health and safety in the food industry.  Read the Make Food Safe blog in its' entirety here:

Thank you to the Lange Law Firm and their informative blog site, and for sharing the importance of Saftea® Liner in combating unsanitary beverage consumption by dramatically reducing the possibility of bacterial buildup.

For more information on Saftea® Liner, and to request your free 7-day sample kit, click the button below:

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