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The Labor Shortage is Real

Saftea® Liner helps your staff while satisfying your customers

We have all witnessed the labor shortages occurring nationwide. I wrote about this shortage a couple of months ago, and it unfortunately hasn’t gotten any better to date. This morning I saw a headline and article that stated we should all be paying attention to the mass exodus that is expected to happen at restaurants. More than half the wage earners currently working in the hospitality business are planning to quit by January 1st, according to new research. The article states that roughly 58% of hospitality workers (hotels, restaurants, convenience stores) are expected to quit their positions by the first of January 2022. That means that for every restaurant already struggling to retain enough employees, it’s only going to get worse.

 tea menuCrews are now doing double and triple duty to cover all the tasks necessary to keep a restaurant running. So, what does a restaurant, hotel, or convenience store operator do to try to hold onto employees? One simple change that will immediately make their lives easier is to begin or continue using Saftea® Liner tea urn liners. Cleaning iced tea urns and getting all the cleaning chemicals out of the urns is not easy to do.

Saftea Liner, spigot, and tea urnsProperly cleaning tea urns requires careful attention to detail, including use of a specialized brush to clean the spigot and faucet to remove any bacteria that can commonly build up when liners are not in use. Anyone ever tried to clean one of those things? It’s not fun at all. This tedious task involves, disassembling the entire spigot and faucet to thoroughly scrub and clean everything on a daily basis. This process is time consuming, and with the increased job duties from being short-staffed, time is the one thing that employees simply do not have. For example, I was at a local restaurant the other day, and they had two people working the front of the house, and those two were responsible for at least 20 tables. It took us a while just to get a menu, so we sat there patiently waiting as it was obvious there was only two of them. Now imagine it’s the end of the day, and it’s time to clean up. The last thing you want to be tasked with is the cleaning process these urns require, while the larger priority is to clean the entire restaurant. Now more than ever, with fewer staff to get the job done, by spending about 85 cents per day (per urn) that is one less chore to be completed. Just swap out the used liner for a new one, and in ten seconds you are ready for another day.

 These are unprecedented times. Nobody knows what to expect next, or what the right next move is, but one thing we do know is that hospitality employees are being stressed to their limits. If these workers leave their positions in droves, that could bring the hospitality recovery to a standstill. Give your employees the tools they need to be successful, and less stressful. In the process you will have the added benefit of producing a better tasting beverage that is hygienically safer than not using a liner at all.

Would you like to learn more about how Saftea® Liner can improve your restaurant housekeeping chores and help ease the load on your staff, all while delivering a safer, better tasting beverage for your patrons?  Contact us today!


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