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The truth about restaurant tea urn dispensers

How clean is your restaurant grade iced tea urn dispenser?

Learn What Makes Saftea® Liner the Best Option

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Restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, cafeterias, offices, food trucks, country clubs and catering companies commonly use stainless steel iced tea urn dispensers, either using self-serve public dispensing, or from behind the counter.  If you know anything about tea, you know it is easily prone to molds and bacteria if not stored and contained in properly sanitized containers.  And if you have ever inspected the inside of one of these stainless steel urns that was not properly cleaned, then you know the ugly truth of the bacteria that forms both inside the urn itself, and also within the spigot.  Yes, proper cleaning should include disassembling the spigot and cleaning with a wire brush!  That is, if you are not currently using a tea urn liner.

Introducing Saftea® Liner iced tea urn liners. Plascon Group has been manufacturing Saftea® Liner for a few years now, and it is currently in daily use at thousands of locations across the country.  With our liners in use at that many locations, we are frequently asked what separates us from our competition. Why should you purchase Saftea® Liner over a different liner that is available in the marketplace?

The Zip-Top Enclosure

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Saftea® Liner is the only liner in the market that closes with the use of a sliding zip locking seal.  Saftea® Liner not only helps to keep foreign contaminates out of the iced tea, but also protects against spilling when you need to move the urn from one location to another within your restaurant. For example, if you brew your tea in the back of the house, but then need to transport it to the front for serving, handling a 35-pound urn that is filled to the top without spilling requires a delicate touch.  With Saftea® Liner, this problem is solved. With a fresh liner placed inside the urn, brew your tea directly into the liner and seal when full. You now have fully protected iced tea that can be transported almost anywhere, without worrying about wasting time and money attending to spilled tea.

Compare Saftea® Liner to other liners on the market with an open top design and no integrated seal.  Clearly, spills are more prone to a liner lacking a seal.  Furthermore, open top liners are commonly draped over the outside of the urn, creating potential contamination risks, as well as the unsightly aesthetics of the visible liner to your valuable customers. Using Saftea® Liner, the entire liner is tucked neatly, and safely inside the tea urn, with only a portion of the white tubing protruding from the spigot.

WriteableSaftea Liner_writable_panel

Saftea® Liner is the only liner in the marketplace that has a space where your employees can write down dates and times of brews, cleanings, etc. This is important when it comes to food safety, as you always  have an audit trail showing anyone who needs to see just how fresh your iced tea is.  

Customer Service

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Here at Plascon, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and when you call for support, there are multiple people here just waiting to help you. You need a rush order? No problem, we’ll take care of that for you. You need more training on how to use the liner? No problem, everyone here is ready to help teach you and your team. We even have plenty of videos showing you how to install, uninstall, and regularly use the Saftea® Liner. We also have absolutely no order minimums. You want one case? You get one case. You want one spigot? You get one spigot. It’s that simple.



A few years ago, Eurofins independent laboratory conducted a test comparing the Saftea® Liner to a competitors liner, and no liner at all. Their findings were pretty telling, and even they state that the best way to improve the life and quality of your iced tea is with the use of the Saftea® Liner. An excerpt from the Eurofins report states, “The effect against fungal organisms (yeasts and molds) was most significant, with levels of these organisms recovered at 10-100 times less over the course of the study in the Saftea® Zip Top-lined urn than the competitor-lined urn or the urn with no liner. This means that the use of a Plascon Saftea® Zip Top Liner, as opposed to either the lack of a liner or the use of a competitor liner, may increase both the shelf life and the overall safety of brewed tea held in these urns over extended storage times."

We know that when it comes to improving your iced tea and protecting that tea, you have choices out there. We also know that based on previous studies by independent laboratories, the Saftea® Liner is the best option available today.

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Saftea® Liner is available on our web store in handy 30 and 150 case count sizes!  Now, ordering is easier than ever, because you can place your online order at a time that is best for you.  Need larger quantities?  No problem!  We offer pallet and truckload quantities as well.  Give us a call to discuss larger bulk quantities! 

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