Earth Day is April 22, 2021

A Look At Sustainability this Earth Day

Finding the balance for sustainable packaging

Happy Earth Day! Here at Plascon we pride ourselves in our sustainability initiatives. We have several products that we offer in a biodegradable option such as our biodegradable films and liners. has made their mission this Earth Day to “Restore Our Earth”. While we know biodegradable options are sought after we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of this packaging option.

Did you know…

  • This innovative and environmentally safe product line shares the same strength as traditional plastic to ensure durability while supporting your company’s sustainable efforts.
  • This product line is also advantageous in that there are no toxic by-products and does not contain heavy metals.
  • These products do not degrade from exposure to heat, light, or external factors in crucial storage, shipping, or handling procedures.
earth day 2021

While we support making everyday Earth Day, some efforts are easier said than done. Supplementing traditional packaging for a biodegradable option when suitable is a great step towards minimizing your company’s environmental impact.

So, you may ask, how does switching to sustainable packaging benefit my business? With global trends and initiatives switching to environmentally friendly products such as Plascon’s biodegradable options, your company has the potential to gain a competitive advantage on the market.

Plascon also knows that product freshness and food safety are at the upmost importance in your daily operation which is why our biodegradable options are food grade and FDA approved making them ideal for farming and agricultural applications. However, the possibilities do not stop here.

Please reach out to Plascon today to request more information on our biodegradable products so that we can work together to build sustainable packaging awareness and aid in the efforts to “Restore Our Earth” one box liner at a time!


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