EasyLine Manual Bag Placement System speeds up production.

Bag in a box packaging made easier!

EasyLineTM Stand Reduces Labor Costs, Increases Production!

For companies using corrugated boxes or cartons to package their products it is no secret that the product is more susceptible to harsh transportation conditions and often the risk of contamination in food products.

Plascon’s box liners are a helpful tool to reduce many of these risks in your operation. However, labor cost reduction is important in any business and especially in current times. Picking and placing a liner from a bundle, or torn off a perforated roll can add some time to your packaging operation. Being aware of this, Plascon developed a version of a manual bag placement system we call the EasyLineTM. With labor cost reduction in mind the stand was developed to hold Plascon’s box liners on an adjustable stand that can be placed anywhere in your facility as a time saving manual bag insertion system.

With reduced handling of the liner, the stand also helps to improve the sanitation of the box liner itself as well as avoiding contamination to the products inside the box liner. The EasyLineTM stand also provides space reduction in your facility as boxes of liners do not need to be sitting on workspaces as liners are removed. Just to outline a couple of the many additional benefits to this stand.

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The use of the EasyLine™ Manual Bag Insertion system can increase the rate of bag insertion by up to 50%, lowering labor costs while greatly improving bag sanitation and workplace ergonomics.

As an example, a typical worker can insert 200 bags into boxes in 1 hour. Using the round number of $12/hour for labor, that calculates out to a labor cost of $60/1000 bag insertions. Use of the bag insertion system can increase the rate of bag insertion by up to 50%, lowering labor costs in the example to only $39/1000 bag insertions.

Reach out today to hear more about the EasyLineTM stand and compatible liners to see if this bag placement system could be a good fit in your operation! Plascon offers many FDA compliant and biodegradable box liner options that are compatible with the EasyLineTM stand so there is a liner for your operation and product!

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