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Plascon Cook Chill Bags for large batch flexible packaging

Plascon Cook Chill Bag & Accessory Options 

Need a good way to package larger batches of soups, sauces, chowders, gravies, chili, pasta dishes, pizza toppings and other pourable type food products for storage?  Consider hot fill Cook Chill Bags from Plascon. Manufactured in our Traverse City, Michigan, our Cook Chill bags are made with a 7-layer film for added strength and durability. As direct manufacturer, we not only offer standard bag sizes, but also custom sizes in both clear and colored film options.  

Plascon Cook Chill Bags come in a variety of sizes, seal types and thicknesses.  With bag volumes from 1 pint to 3 gallons, you can find a bag to fit a wide range of packaging volumes.


Cook Chill Bags Seal Options 
  • Straight Heat Seal with a lay flat storage characteristic.
  • Angle Heat Seal for maximized food retention when emptying bag.
  • Handle Heat Seal with an integrated cutout to facilitate the handling of the bag.
  • Clipped Bag has an aluminum Tipper Tie Clip to form a more tubular shape when filled.

cook chill bag seal options

Bag Thickness & Temperature Range

Cook Chill Bags are offered in both 3.0 mil or a thicker 4.5 mil for added durability to withstand the rigors of tumble chilling, handling and distribution. With the bag temperature range from -20⁰F to 212⁰F you can hot fill and refrigerate or freeze your product. 

Cook Chill Accessories

To complement your Cook Chill setup, Plascon offers the accessories needed for operations big and small.  Offering both hand and foot impulse heat sealers, manual clipper and clips for the clipped bag variety, fixed and adjustable ring stands, and even a unique Mini-Chill ideal for small spaces, talk to us about starting or enhancing your Cook Chill setup!  Many of our most popular Cook Chill bags and accessories are available to purchase directly online, but if you do not see what you are looking for, contact us for a more custom solution. 

Whether you have a single restaurant location, large commissary or food production facility, Plascon has a Cook Chill Bag to fit your needs.



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