liners to keep your floral arrangements fresh!

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Floral Arrangements

The Appeal of Biodegradable* Packaging for Floral Customers

Sustainable packaging is no longer a term for the future! Currently one of the most widely discussed topics in the flexible packaging industry is green initiatives. This discussion comes from consumers exhibiting a greater degree of environmental awareness. This has of course led to the desire for packaging options that not only solve the needs of customers, but also produced using sustainable methods. Plascon proudly shares similar values and is happy to offer a biodegradable* alternative to our blown film and liner product lines.

While all industries benefit from a green alternative to flexible, single use packaging, the floriculture industry finds earthy derivatives in their product lines. When delivering product that is sourced from the earth there is an importance in ensuring post-consumer packaging follows suit.

liners to keep your floral arrangements fresh

Our biodegradable* products are developed from a pellet additive that is utilized at the time of extrusion to aid in the chemical change of traditional resins. In this change, no properties of traditional plastics are lost. This results in the product still holding the same tensile properties, shelf-life, and handling abilities, all while containing no toxic by-products!

One main benefit to Plascon’s biodegradable* product versus what a compostable product may offer is that degradation does not begin when exposed to water, heat, or handling/transportation stresses. This is a critical issue in the floral industry! Products are often harvested, packaged, and stored/shipped all while exposed to some level of water content to ensure product longevity. Having a packaging that will withstand both the handling, transportation, and distribution process is crucial in this industry.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Plascon’s biodegradable* packaging options can be integrated into your daily operation. Plascon offers several stock options as well custom sizing to fit your exact needs. Reach out today to try a free sample!

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* 49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions. No evidence of further biodegradation.

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