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June has Arrived, and so has National Iced Tea Month!

What's your favorite flavored iced tea?iced tea pitcher

 As the temperature heats up in June, it’s a perfect time to celebrate National Iced Tea Month!

Brewing the ideal pitcher of iced tea is a matter of taste. Depending on your inclination, you may prefer sun tea, sweet tea or unsweetened tea. Perhaps your palate leans more toward a fruitier tea or a stronger type of tea. As long as it’s iced, June is the month your tea is celebrated!

We'll be highlighting iced tea all month, including information on using Safea® Liner in restaurant grade iced tea urns for unmatched safety, hygiene, and consistently great tasting iced tea!

Iced tea was made as early as the 1870s, but an English merchant by the name of Richard Belchynden brought the beverage to popularity. During the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis temperatures began to soar. Belchynden crossed the Atlantic to sell black tea steeped hot and served to the American public. Under the conditions, fair-goers were interested in cooler beverages. Belchynden needed to switch strategies, or he would have no sales. By brewing a stronger tea and pouring it over ice, the merchant created a new product to sell.

Thanks to our early pioneer's for paving the way to modern day iced tea, and it's many flavors and varieties!  Today iced tea has evolved to a healthy, nutritious, and tasty beverage and accounts for nearly 80% of the tea consumed in America!

 Products that make National Tea Month even better…….Saftea® Liner 
  • To Ensure Fresh Consistent Flavor for Tea Lovers
  • Reduce Labor Cost due to Easier Cleaning Procedure
  • Replace Liner Daily for Improved Sanitation
  • Reduce Mold Risk with Cleaner Urns
  • Slider Top Reduces Contamination Concerns

Learn more about Saftea® Liner, and why restaurants, cafes, convenient stores, and caterers are discovering the advantages of using this liner every day in their establishments to provide the highest quality beverage to their patrons, or visit our web store to purchase your first set of liners.

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