Sweetened or Unsweetened? What's your favorite iced tea?

June is all about Iced Tea!

Sugar sweet with a twist of lemon or straight up unsweet on ice?

What's your favorite iced tea recipe?

In case you haven't heard, It’s iced tea season!  And June is National Iced Tea month, so what are you waiting for? If you enjoy drinking summer’s coolest beverage during the hottest months of the year, you’ll love these iced tea facts!

jUNE 2022 Natl Iced Tea

Fact 1: Hot tea has been sipped here in America since the Colonial days, but the greater availability of ice and the ice trade in the 19th-century gave iced tea its first a big boost in popularity.

Fact 2: Adding brewed Tea into alcoholic drinks dates as far back as the early 1700s and appears in historic punch recipes like Regent’s Punch. This punch dates to 1815 and is made with green tea, the South Asian liquor arrack as well as citrus juice, sugar, champagne, brandy and rum.

Fact 3: Sweet Tea has been documented as far back as 1876 when it began to take hold in the American South. It remains a staple beverage in the south to this day.

Fact 4: Iced tea’s popularity took off at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis when a resourceful businessman noticed lackluster sales of his hot tea due to a sudden heat wave. He quickly added ice to the hot tea selling out in record time. Iced Tea was a hit and spread quickly when those visitors returned home with a new taste for iced tea.

Fact 5:  Today, iced tea accounts for 84 percent of all the tea consumed in the United States. According to the Tea Association, the iced tea industry has exploded, with sales 15 times higher than they were only 10 years ago and is now a $5.2 billion industry.

There is no better time to pour yourself an ice-cold iced tea and enjoy summer! 

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