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The Chore of Cleaning Restaurant Beverage Urns

Saftea® Liner is more than just an Iced Tea Liner 

Over the past year, many of our blog posts have revolved around the necessity of using Saftea® Liner for all of your iced tea urns. The liners prevent mold and bacteria from building up in the urn and spigot, improve the taste and quality of the iced tea, and make cleaning the urns a snap, since at no time does the tea come in direct contact with your tea urn dispenser. However, iced tea isn’t the only beverage that you can use Saftea® Liner for.Iced beverages in glasses


Ice coffee continues to gain in popularity, and is a perfect fit for an alternative use for Saftea® Liner. Cold brewed coffee, like iced tea, shares the same challenges to properly clean urns. Just like with the tea, proper cleaning procedures include the disassembly of the spigot from the urn, and thoroughly scrubbing the faucet area and spigot to remove bacterial buildup that occurs from improper daily cleaning. Running the urn and spigot through the dishwasher is not effective to reach those tight spaces that can truly only be reached with a wire brush. Saftea® Liner eliminates the need to tediously scrub the urn and spigot. You can get the same result for your iced coffee that you do with your iced tea. A cleaner, better tasting beverage that keeps your customers happy, while saving time and money for the restaurant in time spent cleaning and sanitizing.


These beverages that can also be dispensed with your urns that can leave a sticky, sugary buildup that invites bacteria. Ensure that no residue is left behind that is not only unsanitary, but impedes the flavor and taste of the lemonades and fruit punches. Once again, the Saftea® Liner comes to the rescue. Your iced beverages will taste as they are intended, preventing unwanted residual flavors that will deter your customers from ordering again. When it comes time to clean that urn, once again, your job is done within seconds. Simply remove that liner, place in a new one, and you’re ready for any kind of beverage you want to put in there.


With fall here now, you might start seeing cider inside some urns at restaurants. Well, the same principals apply. By using the Saftea® Liner, your cider will taste the best it possibly can, while once again saving your restaurant time and money with cleanup.

Saftea Liners, urns, and iced tea glasses

No matter which beverage you plan to place into stainless steel urns, all of them will leave behind a residue that needs to be cleaned. Saftea® Liner keeps the cleaning process fast and simple, while saving on labor, cleaning chemicals, and water consumption.  And it takes less than a minute to change a liner.

Saftea Liner, urns and spigot

If you haven’t tried Saftea® Liner yet, request your free 7 day sample today!  No credit card required, and you can see for yourself all of the benefits of  Saftea® Liner!


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