Why Iced Tea is so popular around the world

The Popularity of Tea: What Makes it a Global Favorite?

Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Yes Please!

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In fact, around 3 billion cups of tea are consumed around the world every day. This should come as no surprise, given the sheer number of different types of tea. Tea drinkers in the United States tend to be fans of black tea, partly due to its higher caffeine content. In China, green tea of the lonjing variety is the most commonly consumed flavor. In Turkey, the country that drinks the most tea, they prefer black tea, but a different kind than the black tea that we are used to in the United States. Essentially, every region has a tea they are partial to for one reason or another.


When we take a second to delve into the benefits of tea, it is no surprise that billions of cups are drunk daily. One key benefit of tea is that it provides us with numerous health benefits. Black tea, for example, has been proven to lower cholesterol levels, while green tea boosts metabolism. According to a Harvard report, while the exact benefits of tea change depending on the variety, all teas generally contain an antioxidant called polyphenol that can help prevent different diseases and health complications.


Health benefits from drinking tea are a draw for tea drinkers, but the variety of options brings it home. Whether your preferred tea is green, black, oolong, herbal, or any of the numerous other varieties, one can always keep things interesting with the overwhelming amount of options. On top of that, there are many ways to prepare the different types of teas from around the world. For example, in Bhutan, butter tea (known locally as po cha) is made by mixing tea leaves with salt, milk, and yak butter. Another example would be in Thailand, where they mix strong black tea, spices, sugar, condensed milk, and orange food coloring to create Thai iced tea. These two different preparations of tea from around the globe highlight the vast amount of flavors represented every day by tea drinkers around the world.

Iced Tea Never Tasted So Good


In the United States, we are proponents of iced tea. Of all the tea consumed daily in the United States, 85% is iced. We are creatures of habit, so when we find the variety or brand of tea that we like, we stick to it and have an expectation regarding what our comfort tea should taste like. The best way to ensure tea tastes as it should and provides all the health benefits one expects is to serve it out of a Saftea® Liner. Saftea® Liners ensure that no bacteria, mold, or cleaning products contaminate the tea, subsequently affecting its flavor and destroying the health benefits it offers. When grabbing an iced tea to start your morning and fuel your day, nothing is worse than finding your tea tastes "off". When served out of a Saftea® Liner your tea will always taste as it should: fresh.


As a restaurant owner, does your tea taste as fresh as it could? Tea has flavor and benefits worth preserving, so contact us today to see how Saftea® Liner can save you time and money while ensuring you serve the best quality tea possible at your C-Store or QSR restaurant.  Check out our webstore for easy 24/7 ordering of Saftea® Liner!

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