Saftea® Liner for safer iced tea

What is the Shelf Life of Fresh Brewed Iced Tea?

Improve Your Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea Shelf Life with Saftea® Liner

Bringing customers back to indoor dining at restaurants has resulted in increased efforts to provide a safe, sanitary place to enjoy a meal. Restaurant owners and managers are implementing improved operation protocols for both their staff and patrons to ensure maximum sanitation and safety measures are followed. 

Saftea Liner for safer iced tea

What is Saftea Liner?

Saftea® Liner is a disposable liner specifically manufactured to fit in standard stainless steel urns commonly used by restaurants to dispense iced teas, iced coffees, lemonades, and fruit drinks. The liner is inserted along with an integrated tube that feeds through the spigot opening, resulting in the beverage never making direct contact with the urn.  The benefit to your staff is less time spent scrubbing the urns clean from bacterial buildup that teas are prone to create.  Your customers benefit with a safer, and more sanitary beverage without the aftertaste of cleaning chemicals, or tea mold. Superior sanitation that actually tastes better!

Eurofins Iced Tea Shelf-Life Study

Eurofins is an international group of laboratories headquartered in Luxembourg, Germany. They provide testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agriscience and consumer products industries and to governments. Our Saftea® Liner has been third-party tested by Eurofins and the results clearly show the increased safety measures gained by using the liner daily.

The overall purpose of the study was to test the relative shelf life of fresh brewed iced tea held at room temperature when stored inside brewed beverage urns using Saftea® Liners. This was then compared to other urn lining products and also when no liner is used.

At predefined intervals, samples of the product were analyzed for typical spoilage organisms. The brewed beverage was also assessed for any changes in the organoleptic properties. The relative shelf life of the product when stored using each liner system was compared.

Eurofins Concluded:

"Plascon Saftea® Zip Top Liner was better able to resist the outgrowth of bacteria, yeasts, and molds, especially over extended storage periods. The effect against fungal organisms (yeasts and molds) was most significant, with levels of these organisms recovered at 10-100 times less over the course of the study in the Saftea® Zip Top-lined urn than the competitor-lined urn or the urn with no liner."

Read the full Eurofins summary report here

Iced Tea season is here! The Saftea® Liner will keep your iced tea tasting its best all day, every day!  Not sure? Request your 7-day free trial kit today and see for yourself!

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