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What's really in your iced tea?

Is that iced tea fresh?

A look inside restaurant grade iced tea urn dispensers


Food safety and foodborne illness stories are constantly in the news these days.  Here at Plascon, we take pride in manufacturing food and beverage packaging products that provide superior quality and safety to consumers.

Take iced tea for example.  We have all seen the stainless steel tea urn dispensers at restaurants, convenience stores, cafeterias, and any number of other public spaces for beverage dispensing. Here is a fact: tea is prone to mold if not refreshed, and dispensers properly cleansed on a daily basis.  So, it makes you wonder just how well, and how frequently these tea urns are managed.  What is lurking in that tea urn dispenser?whats lurking in your tea urn dispenser

Talking with restaurant and store managers, the initial response is “Oh, we clean the urns every day.” Does that include removing the spigot and faucet and using a wire brush to get into those tight fitting areas that commonly collect bacteria?  Studies have shown that mold and bacteria begins to grow on the inside of the urns and the spigots in as little as 2 hours after brewing. If not cleaned between brews, the fresh batch is poured into the same dispenser where bacteria has already begun to form, and continues to compound with each new brew.

So, how do you combat this? You have two choices. Of course managers can pay someone to clean the urns multiple times per day with each fresh batch of tea, spending money on labor, cleaning chemicals and water. Or, simply use Saftea® Liner and all those issues go away since the tea never comes into direct contact with the urn or spigot. The liners take less than a minute to change which dramatically reduces down-time, and as an added benefit, the flavor and taste of the tea is not compromised by that not-quite-right taste of residual cleaning chemicals that were not properly rinsed.

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