Restaurants save time using liners

How liners can help the restaurant labor shortage

Liners save time and labor

Labor, labor, labor.  You may have heard a thing or three about the lack of labor in the news lately. In times such as these with demand from a recovering economy coupled with the tight labor market, those who innovate and adapt, thrive!  And it isn’t necessary to reinvent your entire process to reduce labor and save money.  One simple way to reduce expenses is to limit the labor needed within your critical procedures to complete a task.   At Plascon, we find that you can apply an old stand-by product, such as box, bin, and tote liners within various industries including Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR's), Convenience Stores (C-Stores), Fast-Casual, Manufacturing, Bakery, etc. to drive profitable innovation by eliminating the need to clean containers between use.  Since most cleaning these days tends to be manual with the increased COVID-19 requirements, any piece of kitchen equipment that can be lined during use will prevent soilage and eliminate the need for the chef, or operator, or trainee, to clean in between.  This allows your staff to focus on more important tasks, such as focusing on the customer experience, and ensuring the highest levels of sanitation and safety for your valuable patrons. 

restakurants save with liners

For example, tote liners can be used within the fruit and produce industry at various steps within its commercialization process. Whether in the field, at a processing facility or within the final packaging plant, tote liners are a great way to reduce labor by eliminating the tote cleaning step of the process. And for those of you concerned with the environmental impact, we also offer biodegradable liners!  

Saftea Liner iced tea urn linerFor a more technological solution, Plascon is proud to offer our patented Saftea® Liner tea urn liner for use in QSR,  C-Stores, entertainment and hospitality venues, or anywhere else iced tea is served in bulk from a commercial tea urn.  When operating without the use of Saftea® Liners, restaurants typically faced issues such as cumbersome and expensive labor to clean the tea urn’s between use, and the elevated risk of potentially unsanitary conditions resulting from infrequent or improper cleaning of the urns, resulting in the risk of food contamination, product quality loss, as well as damage to the brand. Plascon’s Saftea® Liner offers a patented sliding lock top to protect against the risk of accidental contaminates and eliminates the risk of bacterial buildup since the tea never comes in direct contact with the tea urn. Simply replace the liner every 24 hours, and you not only will offer a better, fresher, and safer beverage, but your employees will appreciate one less task to tend to each day and allow for better customer service in the end.

Small steps such as this can result in significant time and labor savings, and happier crews that are no longer tasked with the unpleasant chore of scrubbing and cleaning tea urns.  Give it a try!  Request your free 7-day free sample kit of Saftea® Liner and see how much it improves your workflow. As an added bonus, your customers will notice that it actually tastes better!  More hygienic. No residual cleaning chemical taste. It's a win-win. 

Contact us to learn more about how Saftea® Liner can improve your beverage program, all while improving employee morale!

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