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How well do you know your Polyethylene Films?

The Alphabet of Film Types

HDPE, LLPDE, Blended, Biodegradable - What you need to know!

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Food Processors Get Creative with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Food Safety Standards for Food Processors

Food Processors face challenges daily, none more important than food safety and hygiene standards.  To give them a leg up in the cleanliness department, processors are turning to a creative method to...

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Prevent Food Borne Illnesses with Saftea® Liner

How do you Prevent Food Borne Illness in your Iced Tea?

Studies show that mold and bacteria grow on the walls of iced tea urns in as little as 3 hours after brewing. 

That means your customers could be ingesting organisms that could hurt them,...

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Box Liners Add Extra Protection for Transit and Storage

Whether you are packaging food grade, floral, or industrial products, chances are you use a box liner to protect contents when shipping.  Choosing the right size and strength film for your needs is critical to prevent product spillage, or to...

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Earth Day 2018 April 22nd


In 2018, we are globally aware of our planet's growing environmental demands and often look at the action plan of manufacturers and their eco-friendly efforts to help support our planet’s needs. To meet the needs of our customers and as part of...

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Mini Chill Solution for Smaller Cook Chill Applications

What is a Mini Chill? 

A Mini Chill unit is a portable receptacle that holds ice & water for cooling Cook Chill  bags filled with soups, sauces, stews, pastas & other products.  


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The Women Leaders of Plascon

Congratulations to our female-led upper management team on their feature article in this month's Traverse City Business News!  Founded by David Peterson in 1999, Plascon has evolved from a small business to a very successful mid-sized company,...

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How Well Do You Know Types of Teas?

How well do you know your teas? 

Take a quick quiz to test your knowledge of different teas:
Create your own user feedback survey 

So, how did you do?  Did any of the answers surprise you?  Let’s chat about some of the similarities and...

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Congratulations!  You have made the decision to use Saftea® Liner for your dispensing and serving of iced tea to your valuable patrons. This simple liner protects your customers from harmful bacteria by making the cleaning of your tea urns a...

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Toronto Bakery Showcase this April

Plascon Blown Films will be exhibiting at the Bakery Showcase 2018 April 29th - 30th. 

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