Harvesting Tips: Protect Your Produce with Liners

Harvesting Year Round

We traditionally view Fall as the Harvest Season, and for good reason. So many tasty foods from Summer crops are finishing up, and the cool season crops begin to emerge. Everything from tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, beans, peas, beets, lettuces, brassicas, and curcurbits flood local farmers markets this time of year.  It truly is a delicious time of year! Farming has evolved however, and new methods and techniques allow for year round growing in any climate!

Vertical Farming is becoming an alternative method allowing year-round harvesting of fresh produce. Vertical farms benefit by having a controlled environment that allows fresh fruits and veggies to grow even in areas where climate or space would make traditional farming prohibitive. So what exactly is vertical farming? This type of agriculture is exactly what it sounds like. Picture a multi-shelving system that not only spans wall to wall, but the shelves also rise high to the ceiling. By growing in dedicated space such as a warehouse or shipping container, temperature, water, lighting, and even carbon dioxide levels can be monitored and maintained at a specific level.  This helps to increase food production as our population grows and demand for these items rises.   


Popularity for vertical, hydroponic, and aquaponic farming, along with traditional gardening, is good news for the consumer and farmer alike, by providing healthy foods more frequently than previous seasonal timeframes. Using box, crate, and bin liners to transport the produce to market helps to keep it fresh, and sanitary.  Plascon manufactures liners that fit many standard containers, and also provide custom sizing to meet exact specifications. 

Film options include:
  • Clear or colored film
  •  0.8 mil to 4.5 mil 
  • HDPE
  • PE Blends
  • Biodegradable
  • Gusseted 

Plascon bags are all FDA approved, food grade liners, perfectly suited for protecting your harvest. Contact us for more information and to request a free sample.  



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