Wrap Your Holiday Cheer in our Food Grade Packaging!

How do you like your tea?

Eggnog Tea. Yup, you read the correctly. Eggnog Tea, it’s a thing! I promise. Don’t believe me, look it up! Ok, I’ll wait…... you back? OK, so let’s continue.  Eggnog Tea, Tea Eggnog, Eggnog Tea Latte, Chai Eggnog. It can be called many names, with slight formula adjustments and of course individual alterations, but we are talking about the same thing. Combining two of our favorite things into one incredible new favorite! Who doesn’t love that kind of efficiency? This former engineer certainly does!  And now that I have tried it, I may never go back…unless of course seasonality makes getting eggnog year-round difficult.   So, I guess I will just stick to my old stand-by of Iced Tea when it’s not the festive season.

 For those of you who serve iced tea from commercial grade tea urns, we have just the product for you. Plascon is proud to offer our patented Saftea® Liner for use in Quick Serve Restaurant’s (QSR’s), Convenience Stores (C-Stores), Entertainment Venues, or anywhere else iced tea is served in large volume from a tea urn. Prior to the use of our liners, customers typically faced several issues ranging from cumbersome and expensive labor to clean the urn’s between use, product exposure to the customer, and potentially the most worrisome being when restaurants would wash the urn’s infrequently or not at all, resulting is significant food contamination, product quality loss, as well as damage to the brand. All these issues can be solved by using Plascon’s patented Saftea® Liner, which is the only iced tea liner that can be sealed with a sliding lock at the top, preventing harmful accidental contamination in the product served.

Plascon food grade packaging

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 Plascon is a leader in flexible packaging and offer a variety of food grade packaging options suitable for fresh and frozen food products. Our box liners help foods obtain a longer shelf life during storage or transit to the final destination and can be ordered in custom sizes ranging from 0.8 mil to 4.5 mil, and available in LLDPE, HDPE, PE Blends, and even Biodegradable options!

 Perhaps your organization is involved in food preparation, and you are in need of a Sous Vide or Cook Chill packaging? We have many standard Cook Chill and Sous Vide bags ready and available in stock, or custom orders are also available.reindeer

 And we would of course like to take the opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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