Have an Arnold Palmer Drink for National Iced Tea Month

How Arnold Palmer Created "The Arnold Palmer" Drink


Most people know golfing legend Arnold Palmer for his six decades on the pro golf tour, or his 62 PGA Tour victories, but in 1960 Arnold Palmer made a different kind of history.  While ordering lunch he asked the waitress for a mixture of lemonade and iced tea.  A woman sitting nearby overheard what he ordered and told the waitress, “I’ll have that Arnold Palmer drink”, and the eponymous beverage was born.

Arnold Palmer preferred his drink three parts unsweetened tea, to one part lemonade, but when mixed equal parts tea and lemonade, the drink is also called a Half & Half. So today, drive over to your favorite golf course, hit some golf balls, and enjoy an Arnold Palmer. Thanks for everything Arnie.  

Happy #NationalIcedTeaMonth

 In his own words: Arnold Palmer describes how “the Arnold Palmer” was started:

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