Saftea® Liner Exhibits at the 20th Annual Food Safety Conference

20thThis May, Plascon attended and exhibited at the 20th Annual Food Safety Conference to feature Saftea® Liner disposable tea urn liners. We felt this was an ideal spot to show our liners to a large group of professionals who  dedicate their careers to making sure the food you eat and drink is safe. The turnout was great, and we were pleased at the interest level of the attendees who took the time to stop at our booth and talk with us about the benefits of using Saftea® Liner.  The simple, easy to use liner was unlike anything they had seen before, allowing changing of a liner in less than a minute. The safety and security of the zippered top ensures against accidental contamination and spilling of product when moving the tea urn.  As a bonus, there is never the residual taste of cleaning chemicals, resulting in consistently fresh, great tasting tea! 

linerHundreds of people at the Food Safety Summit learned about how the liners can help them keep their customers tea safe - are you ready to learn more?  For a limited time, we are offering a no risk, 7-day free supply of Saftea® Liner to test in your restaurant, convenience store, country club, or wherever restaurant grade tea urn dispensers are used.  Request your free supply today!

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