Saftea® Liner Success at Midland Country Club

Midland Country Club Showcase Saftea® Liner

Staff members at Midland Country Club in Midland Texas enjoy a refreshing iced tea beverage.


We've been telling you about the many benefits of using Saftea® Liner for a whlie now, but nothing speaks louder than hearing from our customers who use Saftea® Liner!  

From our friends at Midland Country Club (Midland, Texas):

“I have been with my Country Club for 14 years.  We implemented Saftea® Liners now for about two months and they have been an absolute time and money saver!  No more wasted time on breaking the urns down for cleaning. Such a simple design with a great results! Thanks for all you do!”  Todd Andes - Food & Beverage Manager at Midland Country Club, Midland, Texas

 Haven't tried Saftea® Liner yet?  What are you waiting for?

For a limited time we are offering a Free 7-Day Supply of Saftea® Liner, so you have nothing to lose!  Request your free sample today, and discover the many health, safety, and ease of use benefits for yourself.

7-Day Free Trial

Happy #NationalIcedTeaMonth


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