Saftea® Liner Zero Scrub Tea Urn Liners

How to Improve the Quality and Flavor of your Iced Tea

Here at Saftea® we get asked all the time, how can we improve the quality and flavor of our iced tea? Glad you asked!

Iced tea is the 2nd most popular beverage served at American Restaurants and Convenience Stores, just behind water.

Most food service operators will begin their day by brewing a fresh brew of tea right into their urns, and then continue to make new batches throughout the day, as needed.  However, what if iced tea sales are low on a particular day, and your morning brew lingers into the afternoon?  Will this tea still have that fresh-brewed flavor hours later without losing quality and flavor?  Is there anything that you as an operator can do to remedy this situation?

The answer is yes, and it is so simple to do!  Choose Saftea® Liner as part of your beverage program to ensure the highest quality, freshness, and safety standards. We have spoken at length in past blogs about the need to use the Saftea® Liner to protect your tea, and your customers from foreign contaminants growing inside the urns and spigots. But, that isn’t the only reason to use the Saftea® Liner. You can also use the Saftea® Liner to improve the quality and freshness of the iced tea.

Saftea® Liner Zero Scrub Tea Urn Liners

Using Saftea® Liner on a daily basis ensures superior quality and freshness for your iced tea customers, all while keeping them safer.  Either pour or brew directly into the liner, and seal with the zip locking slider top. The tea never comes in direct contact with the urn or spigot, eliminating any possibility of cross flavoring from a previous batch of tea, or even cleaning chemical residue.  The result is better tasting, more consistently flavored tea, that your customers will love, and will come back for more.  Add the fact that the liner doubles as a superior barrier to harmful bacteria, keeping your patrons safer, and healthier. I recently spoke with a customer trying Saftea® Liner for the first time, and was informed that one of their customers actually asked them if they changed tea companies, as the tea tasted so much better!

As consumers become more intelligent with what they put into their bodies, and where that comes from, it’s becoming even more important for Restaurant and Convenience Store operators to go above and beyond to make sure their customers are getting the best drink possible. Using the Saftea® Liner can help you achieve this goal.

Right now, you can try Saftea® Liner RISK FREE!  No credit card required.  Just click the button below, and request your 7-day free sample kit today.  Once you try Saftea® Liner, we're sure you will never want to go back to scrubbing dirty tea urns and spigots again!

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