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 We have spent quite a bit of time with these blog articles talking about our various products that we manufacture here at Plascon. From Cook Chill Bags to Box Liners to our Saftea Liners®. If you do anything with food, we have a bag for you!

I grew up in Southern California, and full confession, I never drank any kind of tea. It just wasn’t something that was a part of our culture nor was it something my parents drank, so I never got introduced to it. I had hot tea from time to time, usually when I was either sick, or it was super cold out and I wanted something hot to warm me up. But I never did drink iced tea. But to be fair, I had not even tried it before.

Well about a year ago, my wife and I welcomed two baby girls into our world and our lives. Yes, twin babies. Babies bring so much joy and just plain fun, most of the time when they aren’t screaming. So, I had a dilemma. I had always got my caffeine from soda. I cannot stand the smell of coffee let alone the taste, so what was I going to do? I had a bunch of sleepless nights in my future, and I still had to get up and get to work so I could support my family. Those first few months were incredibly difficult. I just couldn’t get enough caffeine into me to keep me going throughout the day. I tried putting hot chocolate into the coffee to try to mask the taste. It worked, a little, but I could still taste that overwhelming taste that I just do not like.

Plascon break room iced tea urnA few months after the girls were born, we decided to get a brewer for our break room here at Plascon so we could all enjoy iced tea and be able to test new prototypes easier. I learned that there is more caffeine in black tea than there is in soda, but less than coffee. I thought to myself, I can do that. It’s basically water and tea and we all need water anyway, so I gave it a shot. Since that day, I haven’t stopped. I have at least 3 large 20 ounce iced teas a day! I’ve got the caffeine I need to keep me going, and at the same time lowering my blood pressure thanks to the tea. It’s a win win!

Now I have been out at restaurants and convenience stores since then, of course. Do I drink their iced tea? The answer is no, unless they have one of our Saftea® Liners in there. You can taste the difference. Try it yourself. Try some fresh brewed tea out of one of those stainless steel urns that doesn’t have a liner, and one that does. You tell me, which one tastes better? I know I can immediately tell the difference. I even ask them, do you have a liner in your urns? If the answer is no, I do not order iced tea. Think about this. Your customers are doing the same thing. There are enough restaurants and Convenience stores in the country who are using a liner in their urns for you to be able to taste the difference. The tea is cleaner and safer to drink thanks to the elimination of mold and bacteria inside the urns and spigots. I even seek out restaurants that I know have the liners so that I can get tea with my meal.

close up tea pour into glass-01

Give it a try for yourself! We offer free samples to anyone who wants to try the liners so they can see for themselves. Or if you would like to buy them, we even sell them online in two pack sizes, a 30 pack and 150 pack. We even sell the pinch tube spigots needed to use the liners. Really, see for yourself. I have yet to have a customer tell me that it did not make the tea taste better.

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