The Secret to the Best Tasting Iced Tea

What Makes One Iced Tea Taste So Much Better Than Another?

And it's healthier too!

Summer has arrived, and as the weather heats up, nothing quenches your thirst better than a tall glass of iced tea! With so many flavors and varieties to choose from, there’s always a new flavor sensation to try at your favorite watering hole. Are you sweetened or unsweetened fan? Traditional flavor, fruity or herbal with a kick? Hey, it’s summertime, so change things up and try a new blend!

Hot or Cold?

Whether you like your tea hot or cold seems to be a regional preference. The English have a reputation for loving the hot variety, and rarely indulge in iced tea. By comparison, Americans enjoy tea as both hot and cold options with the Tea Association of the U.S.A. citing 3.9 billion gallons of tea consumed in 2021, yet a staggering 75-80% of that being iced tea. Are you thirsty yet?

Soak up summer with your favorite iced tea

Fresh Brewed, Full Flavor

Iced tea is also readily available wherever you happen to be. Virtually every restaurant and convenience store offer at least one option, and some have several flavors to suit your changing tastebuds from day to day.

Introducing: Saftea® Liner

Many restaurants have discovered a better way to ensure the highest standards for food safety by incorporating Saftea® Liners into their beverage programs. Saftea® Liners are disposable and recyclable liners that are used for a 24-hour period, then replaced with a fresh liner. Ask any employee tasked with cleaning a stainless steel tea urn dispenser and you will learn that it is a tedious, time-consuming, and unpleasant experience when a liner is not used. It’s no secret that teas are prone to mold and bacteria when not properly cleaned. Tea urns and their spigots have many places for residual tea to hide which eventually turns into a health hazard and ill-tasting opportunity. To properly clean a tea urn, the entire spigot mechanism should be removed, disassembled, cleaned, and then reassembled.

However, when using Saftea® Liners, the tea never comes in direct contact with the tea urn, eliminating this daily task. Simply replace the liner every 24 hours to ensure the freshest and safest iced tea in every serving.

Saftea® Liner makes the tea taste better

It’s true! Using Saftea® Liners every day has the added bonus of better tasting, fresher iced tea for your customers. Not only do you secure the beverage from harmful bacteria, but you also are free from any residual cleaning chemicals that can make the tea taste sour or bitter when the urns are not thoroughly rinsed. Available in two styles, both a patented zip-locking seal, or an open top variety, we have a liner that is sure to fit with your business model. The zip-locking seal protects from accidental ingredients entering the urn, and also prevents spilling when moving the urn from one spot to another. The open top style fits businesses that are so popular with their iced tea sales that they are constantly refiling their urns, so the convenience of the open top speeds up the process. As long as you refill the liner and urn with the same flavor, you can keep using throughout the day, changing only at the end of a 24-hour period.

June Saftea® Liner Promotion

To celebrate National Iced Month this June, we are making it easy for your restaurant or catering business to try Saftea® Liner for the first time, or for our loyal customers to stock up and save! Now through June 30, 2023 we are offering a BOGO sale when purchased online. Visit our webstore and save 30% off your second case of Saftea® Liners when purchasing the first case at regular price. Just use promo code BOGO30 at checkout to receive the discount.

Don’t miss your opportunity to save during this special Saftea® Liner event!

Drink up, and enjoy the refreshing taste of your favorite iced tea!

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