From the early days of making ice to modern day iced tea, Saftea Liner provides superior sanitation and a fresher taste!

Chilling History: The Evolution of Iced Tea

Join us on a journey back in time to explore the captivating origins of iced tea, a beloved beverage enjoyed by many around the world.

The Origins of Iced Tea

Don't forget the ice!

Where would iced tea be without, well, ice? The beginning of the ice trade in the United States in the early 1800’s saw ice being harvested from frozen lakes & ponds in New England. At first, ice was only available to the wealthy, who had the means of storing it for longer periods of time. Eventually though, as the Eastern United States became flooded with immigrants during the later 1800’s, the demand for ice for the regular consumer increased drastically. The U.S. started to see some of the first recipes for iced tea being printed during this time. Combining this increased demand with some cooler summers, warmer winters, out of control ice monopolies and the invention of artificial ice, we start to see the natural ice trade began to slowly fail. By the time the St. Louis World’s Fair came around in 1904, artificial ice was now becoming more affordable to the masses then natural ice. It was here at the Fair that Englishman Richard Blechnyden helped popularize iced tea in the United States, by adding ice chunks to the Indian black tea he was promoting there during a heat wave. In the 1920’s, Prohibition then further assisted in popularizing non-alcoholic iced tea drinks, as many establishments were seeking substitute beverages to sell to their customers in lieu of the ban on alcohol. Investments in new technologies regarding the artificial creation of ice and mechanical cooling systems brought ice into the hands of the everyday consumer, and in turn continued to popularize iced drinks at the ready.

history of ice and iced tea

Ice Tea Meets Saftea® Liner!

Fast forward to current days and data suggests that 85% of all tea consumed in the United States today is iced.  Here at Plascon, we love iced tea so much that we made a liner specifically for restaurant-style iced tea dispensers called Saftea® Liner.  The liner fits inside the tea urn, and with it's integrated tube that feeds through the spigot, provides an incredibly sanitary method of dispensing iced tea since the tea never comes in direct contact with the urn.  Our patented sliding seal locks in freshness, prevents bacterial buildup and molds common with teas, and prevents contamination from accidentally falling into the tea urn.  The liner should be changed once every 24 hours and can be recycled by first removing the tube. This also means no harsh cleaning chemicals are used and therefore no sour aftertaste that can result from an improperly rinsed dispenser. For the restaurant and employees, it saves time, saves money, and provides a superior taste for customers every time!  

Interested in purchasing Saftea® Liner for your food service?  Visit our webstore 24/7 and place your order today!  

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