Saftea® Liner iced tea urn liner with glass of iced tea

Saftea® Liner is more than just an iced tea urn liner!

Saftea® Liner, The Problem Solver

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post on alternative uses of our Saftea® Liner. Of course, we all know, that using Saftea® Liner inside all of your iced tea urns will help prevent mold and bacteria from building up in the urn and spigot, while improving the taste and quality of the iced tea.  It also makes cleaning the urns a snap, since at no time does the tea ever come into contact with any surface but the inside of the liner.

Saftea® Liner iced tea urn liner with glass of iced tea


Well, we get calls all the time from prospective customers who see the Saftea® Liner, and see it as a problem solver for their food service. For example, I once had a prospect interested in using the liners for marinara sauce. The thought was use a tea urn lined  with a Saftea® Liner, and pour in the marinara sauce. The hope was to improve the food safety of the sauce, and as an added bonus simply discard the liner at the end of the day thereby reducing the time normally spent cleaning the sauce container.  Ultimately, the marinara sauce proved to be too thick to pass through the tube to exit the urn.  Another party was interested in the liners to store syrup for the same reasons.  While these two examples were not the best use for Saftea® Liner, we have had other success stories that proved beneficial! 

Saftea® Liner ice tea urn linerA longtime Plascon customer came up with alternate use for the Saftea® Liners that did in fact accomplish their goal. This customer was already using Saftea® Liner both for their iced tea urns and their iced coffee urns as well. They learned very early that Saftea® Liner is by far the best way to protect the beverages served, and provide a better tasting drink to customers, all while saving money on labor costs as there was no longer a need to clean and scrub urns and spigots every day.

This was their dilemma: the company that supplied their coffee creamer was discontinuing the bag in a box receptacle that they had always used, which fit into the machine that dispensed the creamer for their customers. That's when they had the brilliant idea to use Saftea® Liner for their cream dispensing. 

After a bit of a retrofitting, they were able to adapt their cream machine to accept a Saftea® Liner, and after successfully testing this new method in a handful of stores, they rolled out this solution to their entire chain of stores. Saftea® Liner fit the bill, and they now enjoy the same safe protection for their creamer as they do their iced tea!  Likewise, they also benefit from saved time that was previously spent cleaning the creamer machine, as the cream only comes in contact with the liner, and not the actual machine itself. 

We know that we have customers using the liners for tea, iced coffee, lemonade, fruit punch and even cider. They all have seen the savings as well as the improved consistent quality and taste of their beverages. But, we always love to hear what customers will come up with next! Where there is a problem that needs solving, here at Saftea® we are up for the challenge to work with our customers to help them solve those problems!  What other food service application dilemma could Saftea® Liner solve for you?

Not convinced yet?  Request your free, no obligation 7-day free trial of Saftea® Liner for your restaurant, cafeteria, or even office space, and see all of the advantages for yourself!  We also have Saftea® Liner available to purchase on our web store in convenient 30-pack and 150-pack cases.  We've made it easy for you to shop on your own schedule so that you never run out of Saftea® Liner again!  Questions?  Contact us!   

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