Saftea Iced Tea Urn Liner is recyclable

Using Saftea® Iced Tea Urn Liners and Staying Eco-Friendly

Can You Recycle Your Iced Tea Urn Liners?

Learn how easy it is to start or continue an eco-friendly program in your restaurant

So, you want to use iced tea liners, but are worried about the impact they have on the environment. Understandable. I too had worries about that before I started working here. Then I found out something really great. Guess what? Saftea® Liners are recyclable! Now, that all depends upon your municipality and what their recycling accepts, but you can recycle the liners. Understanding the recycling protocol in your given area helps you to know what items are accepted, and helps to make us all good stewards of our shared environment.

Saftea Liner recycle

So what does this mean? Your carbon footprint from the liners is next to nothing, which is great news. All you need to do is remove the tube and your liner is ready to be recycled. That tube can easily be removed just by giving it a good tug from the liner itself. Once you do that, simply dispose of the tube, and recycle the liner. It’s as easy as that!

Now is the best time to try liners during the busy summer months. Find out how they will improve your food safety, improve the taste and flavor of the iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, or fruit punch. We even have a free trial program where you can test the liners out for a week and see for yourself how much they improve both flavor and sanitation, while making the cleanup process so much simpler. Using the liners means no cleaning chemicals, and no scrubbing is required. Simply replace your liners every 24 hours, and feel confident that you are serving the safest, and most refreshing iced tea to your loyal customers. Request your seven-day free trial of liners, or you can go straight to our webstore to order caseload quantities and spigots 24/7.  

Here at Saftea® we take your tea seriously, and we want to help you get the best iced tea possible for your customers. Now that you know you can recycle the liner, what is stopping you? If you have questions, contact us to discuss your set-up and requirements with our dedicated service team. Let's all do our part in the recycling effort.  Cheers to delicious iced tea!

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