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The Easiest Way to Start Using the Cook Chill Method

Plascon Cook Chill Starter Sets

An economical way to start implementing the Cook Chill Process

Plascon Starter Sets include everything you need to start using Cook Chill or to add a fill station to existing operations. For optimal convenience and flexibility, upgrade your Starter Set to include an adjustable ring stand to allow filling of multiple bag sizes and a foot-operated sealer for one-person sealing operations.

The Cook Chill System is  the perfect value solution for all restaurant and food service operations, regardless of size.

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Why Chefs Choose the Cook Chill Method 

The Cook Chill Method allows you to package large batches of soups, sauces, stews, gravy, pasta dishes, and any other foods of pumpable consistency.  Batch cooking enables the chef or cook to maintain consistent quality and taste whether cooked on-site or prepared from a central kitchen and supplied to multiple locations.

Using the Cook Chill method extends shelf life when chilled, stored & refrigerated, or frozen properly.
Bagged product can then be reheated in hot water, a steamer or opened to empty contents into a kettle or serving pan.

Plascon Cook Chill Stater Sets come complete with either a hand or foot impulse sealer, either a fixed or an adjustable ring stand, 100 bags and 100 labels. 

Key Benefits of using the Cook Chill Method:

  • Locks in aroma, flavor & texture
  • Provides optimum sanitation
  • Temperature range from -20°F to 212°F
  • Reduces labor and food costs
  • Provides safe, extended shelf-life
  • Superior strength & durability

With a minimal investment of one of our Cook Chill Starter Sets, you can get started cooking with this method immediately.  Plascon manufactures several commonly used Cook Chill bags sizes, and you can choose from clear or colored films to easily identify specific foods. Custom sizing is also available with minimum purchase requirements.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Cook Chill Starter Sets are Available for Purchase at our Web Store

We have several Starter Set bundles to choose from, and you can view and order the sets anytime directly on our website, or contact us with questions and we can assist with processing your order.

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