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'Twas the week before Christmas at Plascon

Posted By Nancy Hodges

Plascon's Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through our staff,

We’re all busy making sure customers receive everything needed to have.

cook chill bags

The Cook Chill bags were folded neatly and boxed,

Ready to ship as speedy as a fox.



And our Saftea® Liner production crew

Busily working and inspecting each and every liner new.

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Dave Christmas Spirit_


With Dave in his Coke Polar Bear sweater with cheer,

Always a jokester, that better be Coca-Cola and not beer!



When out of the kitchen, there arose such a clatter,

No, wait, that’s just Sarah, karate chopping employees taking too much cookie batter!


With our holiday feast enjoyed by one and all,

For just a moment we relax and forget about last minute shopping at the mall.


ppsl tree and clocks-1


And to Lisa and Louise in our Plascon UK office across the pond,

A gracious and heartfelt wish of good cheer this year and beyond.



As the Holiday Season is hitting full gear,

We look to the promising start of the New Year.


So be you a new customer, or one who has been with us we hold dear,

We wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year.


As 2019 approaches just days out and away,

We are here to provide flexible packaging solutions each day.


To summarize our product offering to all,

Here’s a quick list should you need to give us a call:


Now BOX LINERS, now COOK CHILL, now MINI-CHILL and all the fixin’s,

On SAFTEA® LINERS, on BLOWN FILMS, on BIODEGRADABLE film rolls, bags, liners in colors all for the mixing.


To our customers far, and our customers near,

We shout to you all, and hope that you hear


This Holiday Wish we send to you all,

Good health, good business, and family calls.


In the words of St Nick, and all of his might,

Learn More about our Packaging Solutions



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