The Mini Chill makes chilling your Cook Chill bags simple and quick.

Fitting a Cook Chill Setup in Small Spaces

Yes, you can fit a Cook Chill system in your restaurant.

Small footprint? Mini Chill to the rescue!

So you're interested in incorporating the Cook Chill system in your restaurant but concerned about limited space?  If so, this article is for you!  Discover the secret weapon that top chefs rely on for efficiently producing mouthwatering sauces, stews, soups, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and other foods of pumpable consistency. A critical step in the process involves rapidly cooling the bagged foods in an ice bath. While industrial tumble chillers are typically utilized in large central kitchens, smaller restaurants and catering providers can achieve the same results by adding a Mini Chill to quickly chill and then store the foods. The Mini Chill is the ideal compact solution that offers the same functionality as a tumble chiller. Let's take a look at how it works.  

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Mini Chill fits in 4 square feet of floor space

If your restaurant or catering business has four square feet of available space to use, then you have room for a Mini Chill to complete your Cook Chill setup.  Plascon is your source for a range of Cook Chill bags and accessories including angle and straight heat sealed bags, clipped bags, and handle bags, as well as aluminum clips and clippers, hand and foot impulse sealers, ring stands for filling, and of course the Mini Chill.  Our team of experts is here to guide you in choosing the perfect size and style of bags and accessories, ensuring that you are fully prepared to embrace the Cook Chill system. We even offer Cook Chill Starter Sets options to get you the tools you will need to start using Cook Chill.

What is a Mini Chill?

The Mini Chill is the ultimate solution for creating the perfect cooling environment for your Cook Chill bags. This portable receptacle is specially designed to hold a precise combination of ice and water, ensuring optimal temperature control. With its convenient and portable design, the Mini Chill can be effortlessly stored by simply rolling it away on the integrated dolly when not in use, maximizing your limited space. Available in two sizes, 32 Gallon and 44 Gallon, this compact yet powerful tool is the must-have addition to your Cook Chill setup. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to seamless efficiency with the Mini Chill. Get ready to revolutionize your food production process.

The Mini Chill is an affordable alternative 

Regardless of the size of your restaurant, the Mini Chill is here to help you achieve the same fantastic results as a major central kitchen. This compact and cost-effective solution provides an excellent alternative to using a blast chiller and surpasses the efficiency of an ordinary ice bath. Equipped with a recirculating pump to keep the water moving, the Mini Chill ensures optimal cooling for your food. 

Why use the Cook Chill method?

Freshness, quality, and optimum sanitation are all achieved through the innovative Cook Chill method. Once the raw ingredients are carefully placed in the cooking kettle, they are never again exposed to unnecessary handling. The Plascon Cook Chill bags are the perfect solution for packaging, storing, distributing, and reheating your culinary creations. Plascon's multilayered material manufacturing process also prevents crossover of flavors or odors in distribution. Foods are packaged at a temperature above pasteurization to guarantee freshness, and remain untouched by air until the bag is opened for serving. 

Order the Mini Chill on our webstore

Did we mention that the Mini Chill, along with our most popular size Cook Chill bags and accessories can be ordered anytime directly from our webstore?  What could be easier?  If you have questions,  please reach out to us for more information.  To browse and purchase from the webstore, click the button below!

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