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Hearty or Spicy, How Do You Like Your Chili?

Celebrate National Chili Day this February with a delicious bowl of chili!

Learn how to use Cook Chill for large batch prep and storage

 National Chili Day is on the fourth Thursday in February. On that day we honor one of America’s favorite winter dishes, chili. The classic chili recipe typically consists of a flavorful combination of tomatoes, beans, chili peppers, meat, garlic, onions, and cumin. However, what makes chili truly special is the endless array of variations and personal touches that different cooks bring to the table. Each region, family, and individual has their own unique twist on this beloved dish, leading to a vibrant and diverse chili culture.

bowl of chili cook chill

To showcase the incredible diversity of chili recipes, chili cook-off competitions have become a popular event during the winter months. These contests bring together talented cooks who vie for the title of the best chili in town. From traditional Texas-style chili to vegetarian options and even exotic flavors inspired by international cuisines, chili cook-offs offer a tantalizing experience for both participants and spectators.

 Ways to observe National Chili Day:

  • Make your favorite chili recipe
  • Invite friends to warm up over a bowl of your best chili
  • Share your recipes
  • Host a chili cook-off

 Fun facts about National Chili Day!

  • Chili is the state dish of Texas.
  • The Gold Rush spread the popularity of chili in the U.S.
  • There are 2,000 to 3,000 different varieties of chili peppers in the world.
  • To put out a chili pepper fire in your mouth, consume something fatty or greasy (milk, curds, ice cream). All that spice comes from capsaicin, which is not soluble in water.

What to do with leftover soups?

When preparing a large kettle of soup, there's often plenty to share, making it a social meal that brings people together. If there is soup leftover, it stores and reheats easily.

If you are looking for a proven cost-effective way to store large batches of soup, Plascon offers theclipped and angle heat seal cook chill bags perfect solution for packaging and storing soups, Cook Chill bags!  Whether you are looking to package soups in pints, quarts, gallons, or larger, Plascon offers a variety of bag sizes to meet your storage needs. Our Cook Chill bags are available as clipped bags, straight and angle heat sealed bags, and also handle bags, and can even be ordered in different film colors! Of course, we also have the accessories to complete your Cook Chill setup including impulse heat sealers, aluminum clips, and ring stands. Visit our website for more details. Contact us to learn more about the Cook Chill process and which Cook Chill bags will best suit your needs. Visit our webstore for fast and easy online ordering!

Mark your calendars so you do not miss out on National Chili Day February 22, 2024, and join the fun in celebrating the yummy deliciousness of chili. With its rich flavors, endless variations, and heartwarming qualities, chili has become an integral part of American culture.


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