Increasing the ROI for your Beverage Program

How can a liner increase your beverage program profits?

Using Saftea® Tea Urn Liner decreases labor while improving taste.unknown-1593182980832

In 2021, when evaluating  new food safety products for your business, there are dozens of factors a buyer must take into consideration.  When measuring the impact of implementing Saftea® Liners, consider the following questions:

  • What is the benefit to the user?
  • What is the value to the business?
  • What is the return on investment?

What is a Saftea® Liner?  It is a specially designed liner that fits most standard stainless steel tea urn dispensers. Most commonly used to dispense iced tea, the liner is equally beneficial for clean dispensing of iced coffee, lemonades, and fruit drinks.   By brewing or pouring the beverage directly into the liner, the contents never make direct contact with the tea urn.  This eliminates the risk of harmful bacteria from building up inside the urn from improper cleaning methods. With the patented zip locking seal, it also prevents accidental contamination from entering the urn dispenser.  

What is the benefit to the user?

Better Tasting Tea= Higher Sales

Saftea® Liner ensures a more consistent and higher quality beverage. If your operation serves fresh brewed Iced tea, then you already know brewed teas develop mold and bacteria within a short time after brewing. Improperly cleaned urns and spigots produce sour, off tasting tea that could be unsafe and will significantly reduce sales.

What is the value to the business?

Eliminate a Food Safety Concern

Commercial Tea urn manufactures require tea urns and spigots to be fully disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and properly sanitized, allowing parts to soak in sanitizing solution for a minimum of ten minutes. Parts should then be allowed to air dry overnight before they are reassembled in the morning. Implementing Saftea® Liners in your operation will eliminate any concerns that this cleaning procedure was followed by each staff member every day. Simply replace the Saftea® liner for a perfectly hygienic urn every time.

What is the return on investment?

How does 49% ROI sound?

The following calculator compares the cost of Labor required to properly clean iced tea urns versus investing in Saftea® urn liners. This calculation represents a typical scenario and may vary by location. Here are the assumptions;

  1. Hourly wage: $10 per hour
  2. Number of Tea Urns: 2
  3. Time to needed to properly clean each urn based on manufactures instructions: 10 minutes
  4. Number of locations: 1
  5. Days in a year: 365

liner v labor calculator

In this scenario, the cost of labor is almost twice the cost of Saftea® Liners and the ROI on Saftea® Liners is 49%. Disposable urn liners cost less than the expense of properly cleaning urns and spigots while improving the quality and flavor of your Iced Tea.

Try it for free!  *Request your 7-day free sample kit and see all the benefits of using Saftea® Liner* You've got nothing to lose!

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