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Plascon is excited to announce the launch of Cook Chill Bags & Accessories to our web store!  Our customers let us know that they would like the option to purchase their Cook Chill Bags online, and we listened!  We have made our most popular sizes and styles available online, effective immediately!  Currently our web store offers the 3 most popular sizes in both Heat Sealed Angle Bags and Clipped Bags, all in clear film.  If your needs require a different size, or a colored film, please contact us directly to place your order, and let us know if you would like to see more options available via our web store. 

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Here is what is currently available to purchase online:

4.5 Mil Angle Heat Sealed Cook Chill Bags:Angle Heat Sea Cook Chill Bag
  • ½ Gallon 10" x 18" - 600 bags/ case ~ (3-5 lbs estimated weight)   
  • 1-Gallon 10" x 24" - 500 bags/  case ~ (8-10 lbs estimated weight)  
  • 2-Gallon 10" x 30" - 400 bags/  case ~ (15-18 lbs estimated weight)   


Angle Heat Seal Bags offer significant cooling, storage and shipping advantages over clipped casings, and the angled design helps to minimize any residual food from being retained in the corners of the bag when emptying.

Because the bags lay flat, they can be stacked in a cooler or box maximizing storage space. The flat design allows maximum surface content with chilled water or air during cooling to ensure that the product reaches 40º F or less in the time window required to meet food safety guidelines

4.5 Mil Clipped Cook Chill Bags:Cook Chill Clipped Bag
  • ½ Gallon 10" x 18" 250 bags/ case  ~ (3-5 lbs estimated weight)    
  • 1 Gallon  10" x 24" 250 bags/ case  ~ (8-10 lbs estimated weight)   
  • 2 Gallon  10" x 30" - 250 bags/ case  ~ (15-18 lbs estimated weight


Plascon Clipped Cook Chill Bags are produced with one end sealed closed with an aluminum Tipper Tie Clip. The bags are then filled and can be closed with a clipper machine and another clip or heat sealed with an
impulse sealer. This method forms a tubular shape and makes it easier to store and carry product, and is less prone to human error. 


Additionally, we offer several Cook Chill Starter Sets options that make it easy to get started using the Cook Chill Method, or to add an additional fill station to an existing food service operation.  With hand and foot sealer options, and fixed or adjustable ring stands, select the Starter Set that best fits your kitchen setup.

Cook Chill Starter Set with Ring Stand & Foot SealerCook Chill Starter Set with Ring Stand & Hand Sealer


Plascon manufactures high performance, co-extruded, state of the art 7-layer, BRC Certified film cook chill bags at our Traverse City, Michigan manufacturing plant. The films are made with oxygen and moisture barriers to provide better flavor protection. Our cook chill bags were developed specifically for packaging of kettle-cooked foods pumped directly into the bag, chilled or froze, stored, distributed, and reheated in the bag.  Superior strength enables the bags to withstand temperature extremes ranging from 212° F to -20° F. Neither the rapid temperature drop, nor prolonged frozen storage effect bag strength.  


Longer Product Life: Plascon's materials are designed as oxygen and moisture barriers to provide increased protection of flavors. The low rate of gas transmission safeguards volatile flavor components throughout distribution.

Superior Durability: The material is designed to easily withstand the rigors of handling and distribution. Tears are extremely difficult to initiate or propagate. Its toughness permits the filled bag to be tumbled inside the chiller without danger of rupture. The bag resists hydraulic pressures exerted by packaged liquids during transportation.

Positive Closure: Casing is pre-clipped or sealed on one end. After filling, the open end is then closed with a clip or impulse sealer. A contents label with code dating can be attached to the clip or affixed to the bag itself.

Improved Sanitation: From the time they are placed in the kettle for cooking, foods are untouched. They can be pumped directly into the bag at above pasteurization temperature, which assures greater protection against bacteria.

At Plascon, we are looking to make your ordering process as simple, and easy as possible.  We hope you will enjoy the flexibility that online ordering offers by allowing you to shop on your own schedule 24/7.  Who's ready to shop?




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