Why You Should Be Using Cook Chill in Your Mexican Restaurant

What can you make with the Cook Chill Method of food preparation?

(Hint: anything of pumpable consistency!  Read on for more information!)


With the Cook Chill method of food prep gaining increasing popularity, talented cooks, skilled chefs, and successful restaurant operators are turning to Plascon Cook Chill Bags as their premier choice for superior and reliable packaging. Mexican themed restaurants are a perfect fit for utilizing Cook Chill in their operations, as many primary ingredients of this style of food fits the Cook Chill profile for pumpable consistencies to not only extend the shelf life of their food but also maximize efficiency and consistency, all while preserving the unbeatable quality and exquisite taste. As a result, Mexican restaurants operators nationwide are eagerly adopting the innovative Cook Chill process and Plascon Cook Chill Bags to revolutionize their daily operations.  Everything from beans, to rice, sauces, soups, chili gravies, ground meats, and chicken, can all be cooked and chilled in advance, offering a more comprehensive menu and satisfied customers.

WHAT CAN YOU MAKE WITH THE COOK CHILL SYSTEMWhether you own a quaint single-location restaurant or manage a bustling chain of multiple locations, the Cook Chill Process and Plascon Cook Chill Bags can be tailored to suit the size and demands of your operation. Plascon offers a wide range of bags and accessories, including Cook Chill Bags in various sizes and capacities, as well as different seal styles. Our Starter Sets offer everything you need to get started using the Cook Chill system, including the bags, impulse heat sealers, and  ring stands. 

Our Mini-Chill units fit perfectly in small spaces to aid in rapid cooling of packaged products, and then wheeled away when not in use with the integrated casters.  Additionally, we offer manual clippers and aluminum clips, stack/nest crates for convenient storage and transport, and adhesive labels & Tyvek tape for easy identification of packaged products.  Many of these items can even be ordered online at our webstore!  If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call for more options. 

With Plascon by your side, your Mexican restaurant can elevate its operations to new heights, delivering exceptional dishes while streamlining your workflow.

Plascon offers:

  • Cook Chill Bags in multiple sizes/capacities & seal styles.
  • Starter Sets with multiple heat sealer & ring stand options.
  • Mini-Chill units to aid in quick cooling of packaged product.
  • Tipper Tie clippers and clips.
  • Stack/nest crates for storage & transport.
  • Adhesive labels & Tyvek tape for marking packaged product for easy identification.

Would you like to learn more about the Cook Chill System?  Contact us and we will be happy to guide you to select the right options for your operation.  Salsa anyone? 

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