Why You Need This Tool for Your Cook Chill Setup

Plascon Cook Chill Ring Stands

You know that Plascon manufacturers 7-layer Cook Chill Barrier Bags for packaging of soups, sauces, and other foods of pourable consistency.  But did you know that we also have a line of accessory items to compliment your Cook Chill program?

The Cook Chill method of food prep and storage is commonly used in industrial kitchens for large portion food production.  However, with the right accessories, Cook Chill is easily scalable to single restaurant kitchens without the need of large scale equipment,

One valuable time saving tool Plascon offers are Cook Chill Ring Stands.  These stands are designed to hold the Cook Chill Bags safely in place during a manual filling process of hot liquids   They are constructed of 100% Stainless Steel and are available in different configurations to fit most bag sizes.

cook chill ring stands

Ring Stand Options:

Adjustable Ring Stand

Stainless Steel, with Adjustable Rod Height from 12”-21” & feature a 6” Ring Diameter for use with 10” & 12” wide bags.

Fixed Ring Stand   

Stainless Steel, with a 15” Fixed Rod Height & have a 6” Ring Diameter for use with 10” & 12” wide bags.

Mini-Adjustable Ring Stand 

Stainless Steel, with Adjustable Rod Height from 6”-10” & feature a 3” Ring Diameter for use with smaller 6” & 8” wide bags.

If you are looking for the perfect complement to your manual filling process, Plascon ring stands might just be the product you are looking for.

Plascon manufactures Cook Chill bags in our Traverse City, Michigan headquarters. As direct manufacturer, we can offer a wide range of sizes, and our bags are available in clear or colored film options. Whether you are new to Cook Chill, or in need of updating some of your accessory tools, let us know how we can help!  Contact us with any questions about Cook Chill ring stands, bags, or any related packaging accessory. 



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