Stackable Nesting Crates for Cook Chill

Stackable Crates Complete Your Cook Chill Setup

Stackable Nesting Crates for Cook Chill Storage

How do you store your Cook Chill Bags?  Depending on your operation, Stack/Nest Crates from Plascon may be just the product to enhance your Cook Chill process.  These durable crates are designed to hold multiple bags throughout the Cook Chill process, from chilling & storage to transport & delivery of the product. 

cook chill crates and dollies

Available dollies with casters, allow for several crates to be stacked on top of each other and easily moved around.  The crates have a “nest” feature that minimizes storage space needed by stacking or "nesting" inside each other when not in use. 

How Crates and Dollies Improve your Cook Chill Operation

  • Proprietary high impact polypropylene/teflon formulation insure a long life
  • Container meets all requirements of FDA, USDA and NSF with respect to direct food contact
  • Broad temperature tolerance from blast freezing to seam/autoclave cleaning
  • 1” stack interlock prevents crates from separating during transportation
  • Teflon release properties create an easy to clean, non-stick surface
  • Crates have hand-grip openings on two short sides and alternately on four sides, grip areas differ in feel on opposing sides to help locate in stack mode
  • Container meets correctional institution standards and contains no metal or design geometry that might easily be used as a weapon
  • Container color options are warm white or green

If your operation is a single location restaurant, commissary, food processing facility, correctional institution, school, college/university or hospital, stackable nesting crates from Plascon may be an ideal solution to your Cook Chill storage & transportation needs.

Plascon is your source for all things Cook Chill related.  We manufacture our 7-layer co-extruded cook chill film and convert to finished cook chill bags in both clear and colored film.  Our films are made with oxygen and moisture barriers to provide better flavor protection.  We keep several common sizes in stock and ready to ship, and also offer multiple alternate sizes, including special orders.  Our Cook Chill bags are available as Heat Seal, Angle Heat Seal, Handle Bags, and Clipped Bags.

Many of our Cook Chill accessories are available to purchase directly via our online web store! These include:

  • Cook Chill Starter Sets
  • Fixed and Adjustable Ring Stands
  • Hand and Foot Impulse Sealers
  • Aluminum Clips to seal bags
  • Mini Chill

Contact us to discuss your Cook Chill needs and applications.  Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process and help determine what will best suit your needs.  

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