Plascon Cook Chill Bags are a great compliment to Mexican food fare.

Mexican Foods Pair Perfectly with the Cook Chill System

Are you Using Cook Chill Bags in your Mexican Restaurant?

Every day, more and more Mexican Restaurants are choosing to utilize the Cook Chill Process and Plascon Cook Chill Bags in their daily operations.

Plascon has numerous cooks, chefs & Mexican food restaurant operators that rely on the Cook Chill method to extend their food shelf life, to maximize efficiency & consistency, all without sacrificing quality and taste.

cook chill for mexican foodservice

By preparing beans, rice, sauces, soups, chili gravies, ground meats, chicken and other ingredients in advance, they can offer more comprehensive menus and find ways to move food from the back of house to the front much faster.

From a single location restaurant, to multiple location chains, one can utilize the Cook Chill Process and Plascon Cook Chill Bags based on the size of their operation.

Plascon offers:

  • Cook Chill Bags in multiple sizes/capacities & Seal styles
  • Starter Sets with multiple Heat sealer & Ring Stand options
  • Mini Chill units to aid in quick cooling of packaged product
  • Tipper Ties Clippers and Clips
  • Stack/Nest Crates for storage & transport
  • Adhesive Labels & Tyvek Tape for marking packaged product for easy identification

If you are new to the Cook Chill process, and would like to know more, our experienced team at Plascon is here to answer your questions, and help you develop the best solution based on your restaurant food volume. Our starter sets are a great way begin using Cook Chill by providing all the basic materials needed.  Learn more about how other restaurants are using Cook Chill to provide safe, consistent flavor in the dishes served to their valuable patrons.  



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