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Plascon Cook Chill Starter Sets 

An economical way to start implementing the Cook Chill Process

Whether you are familiar with the Cook Chill Method of cooking, storing, and serving food, or this is the first time hearing about it, read on to learn how  Cook Chill can solve many of your food preparation and serving needs. 

So what exactly does Cook Chill mean?  Cook Chill is a controlled system of cooking, rapid chilling, and storing of food to be served at a later time. Cook Chill can be scaled from very large food production areas to smaller "mom and pop" type restaurants.  Foods are fully cooked, rapidly chilled and refrigerated or stored frozen, then rethermed to proper temperatures for serving at a later time.

Benefits of Cook Chill:
  • Consistent Fresh Quality & Taste
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Withstands Temperatures Ranging from -20 F to 212 F
  • Requires Minimal Training to Use

Plascon manufactures Cook Chill bags

Cook Chill is ideal for packaging large batches of Soups, Sauces, Stews, Gravy, Pasta Dishes & more. Batch cooking enables  the chef/cook to efficiently prepare the food at a central location and supply other serving locations while maintaining  consistent quality & taste.  Bagged product can be reheated in hot water, a steamer or opened to empty contents into a kettle or serving pan.  Cook Chill packaging also provides extended shelf life when chilled, stored & refrigerated or frozen properly.

Plascon offers Cook Chill Starter Kits to make trying this food preparation method a simple process.  Our starter kits allow you to try Cook Chill cooking in even the smallest food prep spaces.  

Cook Chill Starter Sets Include:
  • Fixed or Adjustable Ring Stand
  • Impulse Sealer
  • 100 Bags & 100 Labels
  • Choice of Foot or Hand Sealer

Cook Chill Starter Set - Buy Online

For your added convenience, you can shop our webstore for some of our most commonly requested Cook Chill bag sizes and styles, Starter Sets, and Impulse Sealers. Other sizes and film colors are also available by contacting us directly.  Ready to learn more?  Our experienced staff is ready to answer your questions, and get you set up to start using Cook Chill in your restaurant of food preparation facility!  

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