Saftea Liner provides superior cleanliness and flavor when used in an iced tea urn dispenser

Saftea Liner Celebrates National Iced Tea Month

June is National Iced Tea Month!  

As outdoor temperatures rise and signs of Summer are around the corner, demand will be increasing for one of the United States of America’s most popular thirst quenchers, iced tea  Iced Tea is available in a variety of flavors from black tea, white tea, green tea, sweetened or non-sweetened, and the list goes on.  With so many options to choose from you can celebrate National Iced Tea Month with your personal favorite.

Saftea Liner keeps iced tea fresh inside a commercial grade tea urn dispenserFresh brewed iced tea can be found at a variety of establishments.  You can typically find your favorited fresh brewed teas at quick-service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, family-owned restaurants, and most convenience stores.  This means you are never too far away from one of America's favorite iced beverages.  In fact, on average over 159 million Americans enjoy drinking tea, and of that number approximately 75 - 80% of it is the iced variety. (source: Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc)

Plascon has a product that helps make the fresh brewed tea experience even better…….Saftea® Liner.

The Saftea® Liner from Plascon is designed to eliminate the liquid tea from coming into contact the dispenser, making for a better, more consistent tasting product free from chemical cleaning aftertastes. 

Some of the benefits of using a Saftea® Liner are: 

  • Improved sanitation with a new liner every day.
  • Reduced labor cost due to an easier cleaning procedure.
  • Reduced mold risk with cleaner urns.
  • Patented safety seal keeps contaminates out and seals freshness in.
  • Designed to ensure fresh consistent flavor for tea lovers.
  • Writable panel allows easy tracking of date, time, and tea type in liner.
  • Made from recyclable materials.

 Call or e-mail a Plascon representative today to learn more about Saftea® Liners, and how they can help take your beverage program to the next level!

Ready to order now?  Saftea® Liners are available to purchase online24/7 so you can shop and order when it's convenient for you!

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